Failure – 3 Keys to a Grateful Perspective

There are several key elements to “overriding” our negative definitions of failure and viewing our experiences in a positive light. KEY 1: DEFINE FAILURE OBJECTIVELY. There are times when we do not see the forest for the trees. Let’s say that you have concluded a work assignment you are convinced was an abject failure – nothing good came out of it. You had been asked to lead a pilot project for your group and it was supposed to last six months. At the end of that time, you find that the results were not even close to what was originally envisioned. From your perspective, you failed. From your boss’s perspective, the pilot did exactly what he wanted done – testing a new concept with little money lost, few resources used, and new perspectives on what might be done in the future. While he may be a bit disappointed with the.

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Tips for Successful Career Management

Have you ever missed an opportunity because you were not prepared? I have – one of those times nearly cost me my entire career. My lack of preparation did set my career back 10 years – a very, very painful experience. I spent a great deal of time looking at what I had done right and especially what I had done wrong. I talked with friends and professional associates at length – my final conclusion was that I had neglected some very basic steps. I began to correct the things most often noted and determined I would not let this happen to me again. Little did I know then that the lessons learned would become the basis for a comprehensive career management platform. Tip 1: Document Storage and Retrieval. Working on your home computer, look at all career-related documents you have stored. Are they all in one area where you.

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