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Our Privacy Policy is simple.

We will not disclose information provided by you to anyone without your explicit written permission, unless required by state or federal law or by court order.

If you wish to post comments on our site you must register. This is done to minimize spam comments. We only maintain your email address and password for the time you maintain a user registration and if requested we will delete your registration and any record of your email address and password.

If you register for a MasterMind program, we will ask for your name and email address so we can send you materials used in the program. All financial information is handled by PayPal. We do not receive, store or retain any banking or credit card information.

If you wish to download any of our free offers of publications, your email address is used for verification. If you request that your email address be deleted from our records, we will eliminate all record of your email address.

Please contact us at to have your email address removed from our records.

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