What clients say about Kamama LLC


  • sherrywilliams

    Over the months I worked with Georgia I found she has a wonderful ability to listen deeply and create valuable feedback. She is flexible in meeting me where I am and expounding on my strengths and drawing out my lesser abilities to be strengthened.

    Georgia is consummate professional, she is direct, succinct and has years of experience in business and management and am grateful she has shared this through her books as well as her coaching! Georgia is totally dedicated to her clients success and growth and goes the extra miles with support.

    I would recommend Georgia to anyone for business coaching of any kind.

    Sherry W

    Somatic Practitioner

  • stephanierussell

    If you are looking for direction in your career, or want validation you are moving in the right direction, you need to call Georgia Day. I have known Georgia for over seven years now and jump at any opportunity to collaborate with her.

    Georgia is one amazing woman who has the innate ability to hone in on your talents, skills, abilities and help you see them for what they are. She is an exceptional professional and personal coach that is more concerned about what you need to hear than how you will feel when you hear it. She is direct but gentle in her approach while telling you the way “it is”. She will help you get a new perspective right when you need it and motivate you in ways that will put success in your path with a capital S.

    Working with Georgia has enriched my life. She started out as my collaborator and quickly became my coach. She is now the first person I call when I need to validate my professional direction or evaluate my life balance. She will enrich your life. She will change your life. She will help you make a difference.

    Stephanie R

    Manager of Medical Staff Services & Credentailing

  • Janice A
    Georgia is the type of person you definitely want in your corner. She has great instincts and wisdom and puts it to use with skill and finesse. I may not always WANT to talk to her but I have learned I should wisely embrace the opportunity. “Nothing changes if nothing changes”! Georgia is adept at getting me to examine where I need to grow – I may not want to face it at the time and I often find myself asking how did she figure that out. If you want to grow beyond your own “perceived limitations”‘ talk with Georgia and you’ll find what is most important to you and the power and ability to carry it out.

    Janice A

    Training Specialist

  • I met Georgia Day, President of Kamama Consultancy, after having observed the results of her work with several other people. Lacking growth opportunities in my previous position, I had decided that now was the perfect time to update my career portfolio and create a resume which would help me transition into a new industry; I knew that Georgia was the perfect person for the job. She clearly explained the process, time frame and anticipated results. At the end of the project, I had a professional biographical sketch, qualitative resume, and direction for my next steps.

    I found Georgia to be an effective listener, positive, and confident in my ability to succeed. She is ethical, committed, creative, empowering, and totally focused on her clients’ success. I now have a new job, more aligned with where I would like my career to be and I highly recommend her.

    Karla G

    Medical Staff Services Coordinator

  • I have had a wonderful experience working with Georgia Day. She is very knowledgeable and experienced. She helped guide me through the process of professional ideas and thoughts for life’s choices. She is particularly skilled with authorship and entrepreneurship. I have found her to be a valuable resource and is a “must go to” professional. She is very responsive and someone that I count on for advice and suggestions. I have found none better.

    Denise Z

    Business Owner

  • Words cannot express how much it means for you to believe in me! I see your potential and believe strongly in you, so to have it reversed…thank you, thank you.

    Paris L

    Business Coach

  • joycemoore

    Georgia Day is a consummate professional with many areas of expertise.  From job development, personal skills development, resumes building, speaking, mentoring/coaching and writing, she does it all and to such a level she is a highly sought leader in many fields.  Her integrity is her calling card:  If Georgia commits to a project, it will be completed on or before the deadline.  The finished product will always exceed the team’s expectations.  As a strong leader, she often trains successors while continuously enhancing her skill sets.  Her big-hearted integrity is beyond reproach and I am proud to call her my friend and business associate.

    Joyce M


  • Georgia is dedicated to helping her clients achieve great success through self-promotion. She has an amazing way of making one realize their self-worth and bringing them to a higher-level of thinking. Georgia has been a true inspiration and motivator for me and I would recommend her to anyone!

    Robin Z

    Medical Staff Services Professional

  • I have worked with Georgia Day for the past several years. What I find refreshing about Georgia is her sincerity as she delivers information to a group. She not only has excellent content, but I could feel the audience connecting with her as they sensed her transparency. Sometimes a presenter is one way on the platform but completely different when you meet them in person. Not Georgia. Participants felt completely at ease to approach her later and ask her anything! I’m excited to work with her any time.

    Tami W


  • I find myself planning my activities a bit differently these days, thanks to Georgia Day.  I have really enjoyed this learning experience which has been something totally different than what I first expected.  She has a way of speaking to you that is encouraging, supportive and gets you motivated to challenge yourself both personally and professionally.  I am very excited about the upcoming months working and learning with Georgia.  I would recommend this program (and Kamama LLC) to anyone looking to ‘take it up a notch’.

    Diane T


  • lesliehoward

    Georgia is a superb leader, a thoughtful individual and someone who encourages others to reach for greatness. When collaborating within a group, she creates an environment that fosters growth and open communication. Her energy and business acumen are evident in every interaction she has with other individuals.

    Leslie H

    Certified Professional Organizer

  • Georgia exceeded expectations of a career development consultant by providing creative, detailed, organized, thoughtful concepts and suggestions that implemented with excellent outcomes for personal growth. Her precise direction and tools were fabulous catalysts for spuring excellent results with positive motivation during the process. I would highly recommend her professional services to individuals, teams and companies.

    Doris L

    Business Owner

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