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Your Productivity Unleashed – What a Gen X and Baby Boomer Have Discovered

Your Productivity Unleashed – What a Gen X and Baby Boomer Have Discovered I have been in business many years and have used a variety of methods to set and achieve goals for every area of my life each year. I found over the past few years, that the traditional methods I had used no longer worked. Then, in December 2016, I found a program developed by Michael Hyatt (Baby Boomer), whose program is titled “5 Days to Your Best Year Ever”. His passion, he says, is creating a step by step guide for anyone with something to say or sell. Michael’s program goes far beyond the SMART goal concept (specific, measurable, actionable, risky and time-keyed). After reviewing the product, which covers every area of life, I purchased it and spent five full days working on plans for the next year. I set my goals up in a format easily.

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Growth In Life Is A Choice

  “Life is change.  Growth is Optional.  Choose Wisely.” says Karen Kaiser Clark, world-renowned lecturer, consultant, educator and author.  For those who struggle, at least occasionally, with change, Karen’s advice may have a bit of a sting in it.  Yet, when you reflect on the difficult circumstances in your life, some provoking life-altering change, you begin to see when, where and how you changed as the result.  What lessons did you learn and how did you choose to share the wisdom you gained? If you are in corporate America and have been there over ten years, you have seen tumultuous changes, affecting you, your team mates and most importantly your family.  You may have been laid off, perhaps multiple times, due simply to corporate reorganizations.  You may have been placed in situations where you had to make decisions you disagreed with, simply to keep your job.  Are you sleeping poorly,.

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Beginners Guide to Affirmations

In our world of information overload, we can easily overlook the practice of affirmations, a technique that can calm and center us in the middle of the most chaotic situations. I suspect affirmations have been used since the beginning of time, all over the world. It is no secret that many successful Olympic athletes, for example, practice affirmations as part of their preparation for events. In this article I will share some problems beginners face using this technique, common mistakes, and some steps to get started, quickly and easily. For a variety of reasons, adults can feel very uncomfortable trying something new – being a beginner. Typically fear is one of the major issues. We may feel uncomfortable sharing this with others – family, friends, and associates. For someone beginning to use affirmations, knowing what to do and how to do it play a part in our hesitation. We may.

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New Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs share common histories of their first year in business, noting their mistakes at the beginning of the business ventures and the lessons they learned – the hard way. 3 Things to Avoid Kathy, a new entrepreneur, shared that her dream was to open a crafts store in her small town. She had graduated from a liberal arts college and wanted to build a business around her artistic talents. She shared her story, noting her mistakes and what she could and should have done to begin her business differently. No money. Kathy had a small savings account, no retirement funds, and no collateral for a possible bank loan. She did not have a financial statement of any kind. No appropriate work space. Kathy began working out of a corner of her garage, which was neither heated nor cooled. No clients. Kathy did not have a social media presence, was.

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Defeat the Everyone Else Comes First Syndrone

Reflect, for a moment, on something you have wanted to do for yourself and let fear get in the way of a positive outcome – one where you chose to let fear get in your way. The following examples illustrate the levels of fear and steps you can take to overcome them. Picture the following scenes: Mild “Everyone Else Comes First” Syndrome You have found an online painting course you would love to take, but that’s when the kids play soccer. A “but” statement is the most frequent first response. What to Do: Because you are really interested in this course, you begin to explore alternatives and ask questions. Is the course taped or on video? Are there makeup sessions? Can I carpool for soccer and have my spouse rotate times with me? Is the course repeated at a time when school sports are not being played? The point is.

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