Consistency in Today’s World?

Consistency can be defined as adherence to the same principles, course, etc. Why is this concept so hard for us to grasp, much less maintain?  From my perspective, it involves a number of factors – age, attitude, persistence, self-discipline, responsibility, and lifestyle, to name a few. As with other things, it can lead to boredom – when practiced in the extreme. But, for now, let’s just assume we need more of it – not less. We are told it is a key tool in training children and animals – so they know what to expect, each and every time. That can lead to a sense of security, setting boundaries, and creating stability. Ok, I will say that in the 1950’s, consistency was practiced and approved generally in society, especially in America. Vector forward to 2016 and our life today – the changes in technology alone have created massive distractions and.

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Perfection – A Two-Edged Sword!

Perfection – friend or enemy? On one hand, striving for improvement, to make something better, more skilled, more accurate, is worthwhile. On the other hand, striving for perfection can be crippling and defeating. For example, if you are in a profession that uses Malcolm Baldridge as the pinnacle of achievement, and you use it as a guideline to mark improvements in your work patterns and results, your striving for perfection can be the right course of action. If, however, you say that, after trying, you cannot achieve perfect results, and give up, you have allowed perfection to block constructive action. If you find yourself stuck and unable to move forward, try the following: Pick one thing that you find easy to improve. List three things you can do to move it forward, set a time to complete it, and move forward. This should improve your confidence in the ability to.

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