How to Maximize 24 Hours – The Paris Love Way

Paris Love, Amazon’s best-selling author, coach, speaker, and entrepreneur, has written a book that should be in your home library – dog-eared and highlighted! This 192-page book can easily be read in a few hours – the first time. She clearly understands the need for – and resistance to – our taking control of our time and organization. Using humor and insight, she guides us through five key areas of resistance, with simple, practical solutions to move us forward. What sets this book apart from many others on this topic (and I have read many!) is her ability to see the issues through our eyes, anticipating our fears with gentle humor. I have personally tested many of her practical suggestions and they quite simply WORK. Paris shows the reader that the desire for a rewarding life is truly achievable; we simply have to begin.

Let me know what you think – I hope you enjoy this as much I as have!

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