Your Productivity Unleashed – What a Gen X and Baby Boomer Have Discovered

Your Productivity Unleashed – What a Gen X and Baby Boomer Have Discovered

I have been in business many years and have used a variety of methods to set and achieve goals for every area of my life each year. I found over the past few years, that the traditional methods I had used no longer worked. Then, in December 2016, I found a program developed by Michael Hyatt (Baby Boomer), whose program is titled “5 Days to Your Best Year Ever”. His passion, he says, is creating a step by step guide for anyone with something to say or sell.

Michael’s program goes far beyond the SMART goal concept (specific, measurable, actionable, risky and time-keyed). After reviewing the product, which covers every area of life, I purchased it and spent five full days working on plans for the next year. I set my goals up in a format easily measured, assessed and adjusted if needed. He has recently added journals for his program on Amazon, as well as a new live event

Recently, I found another resource to take my initiatives to a whole new level. I have long been a fan of John Dumas, world-renowned podcast creator. John has designed and developed tools to help you master productivity, discipline and focus in 100 days. He uses blocks of time, adds scoring for productivity and discipline, and recaps every ten days. These are simple, take only a few minutes to complete and are designed to keep you on track. His programs are produced in journals, available in both digital format and hard-backed books on Amazon. I tested a paper copy, downloaded from his web site over the summer, to see if this would fit with the goals I had set. My results – unbelievable success! I have a hard-back journal and am now ready to focus on my next 100 days. John Dumas also developed a Freedom Journal, to help you accomplish your goals, using specific accountability techniques. If goal setting is your issue, I might recommend trying this one first.

Whether you are in the corporate workplace or an entrepreneur, I believe you will find these products an invaluable addition to your career toolkit. With literally thousands of goals setting and productivity products on the market over time, I am sensitive to recommending more. However, I found that these tools have made a profound difference in achieving success at work and home. Whether you choose products from one organization or a combination from both, I think you will be pleased with the investment.

You do not have to make this journey alone. There are guides available to support you.
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