Growth In Life Is A Choice


“Life is change.  Growth is Optional.  Choose Wisely.” says Karen Kaiser Clark, world-renowned lecturer, consultant, educator and author.  For those who struggle, at least occasionally, with change, Karen’s advice may have a bit of a sting in it.  Yet, when you reflect on the difficult circumstances in your life, some provoking life-altering change, you begin to see when, where and how you changed as the result.  What lessons did you learn and how did you choose to share the wisdom you gained?

If you are in corporate America and have been there over ten years, you have seen tumultuous changes, affecting you, your team mates and most importantly your family.  You may have been laid off, perhaps multiple times, due simply to corporate reorganizations.  You may have been placed in situations where you had to make decisions you disagreed with, simply to keep your job.  Are you sleeping poorly, eating on the run, ignoring your body’s need for exercise, too distracted to focus on the important areas of your life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being?

If this sounds familiar, I am here to tell you there is not magic pill that I am aware of to “fix the problems”.  What I do suggest is to tackle the most pressing need in baby steps.  If exercise is your goal, start with one time a week scheduling 5 minutes doing something to get moving.  If you typically eat lunch at the office at your desk, schedule one day a week to be out during lunch.  If poor sleep is your issue, after you make sure there are no electronics in your bedroom (no checking Facebook, watching the news, or eating right before you close your eyes), then make sure the room is quiet, the temperature comfortable, and try simply taking three deep breaths with your eyes closed.  Turning off your mind may not be easy, but for you to function better the next day, it can really help to empty your mind right before sleep.

Because life in the United States is so fast-paced, I really feel we must step back and begin to take better care of ourselves. Is this easy?  No.  Is the time and effort you put into doing it worth it?  Only you can answer that question, but I hope the answer is yes.


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